Clean Development Mechanism in Transport Sector: Opportunities and Challenges, Thailand

Description of the Project:

The goal of the project is to build Thailand’s capacity to reduce greenhouse gases and promote involvement in the CDM in the transportation sector by implementing pilot studies. This project is mainly designed as a capacity-building and technology transfer exercise. The purpose is to assist stakeholders in the Thai transportation sector to identify and evaluate effective greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, and to build their institutional and technical capacity to take part in the CDM. Major activities of the project are:

  • Capacity building for Thai transport experts and government officials to identify, evaluate and facilitate CDM projects in the transportation sector.
  • Three in-depth Pilot studies (two technical and one policy-oriented) on potential CDM projects.
  • Engagement of stakeholders in the transportation sector in dialogue on the CDM.
  • Development and dissemination of recommendations on how to apply the CDM in Thai transportation sector.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

Phase I: Responsible for planning and coordinating with the project proponents, monitoring the performance of the chassis dynamometer test, quality assurance and quality control of technical analysis, and documenting the final report.

Phase II: Responsible for developing the concept of pilot studies, (1) CNG Bus Rapid Transit, (2) Improved I/M program with simple engine retrofit for urban transportation system in Bangkok, and (3) Bike lane development, and performing the feasibility to implement them in Thailand.