Eco-transport Assistance to San Jose, Costa Rica

Description of the Project:

The aim of the study mission of JTCA is to investigate and promote measures for reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution in San Jose City and to facilitate the future application of Japanese Official Development Assistance in the field of Urban Transportation.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

Engconsult lead the study team in preparation of air quality and traffic surveys in San Jose, interviews and discussions with Government high officials including the Vice Minister of Transport and various stakeholders involved in transportation system, develop project framework for Japanese ODA assistance, and preparation of project terms of reference. Air quality surveys were conducted using passive and high volume samplers; particular pollutants include SO2, SPM, and NOx. Preliminary Environmental Impacts of various options of transport improvement in San Jose were conducted and their long-term benefits on overall environmental improvement.