ADB PPTA: Small to Medium Sized Hydropower Development, Afghanistan

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The objective of the TA is to assist Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) in undertaking feasibility studies on six small to medium-sized hydropower plants and prepare the analytical work required. The TA had three main components: (i) preparation of a sector analysis; (ii) undertaking and ranking of prefeasibility and feasibility studies of 6 hydropower projects with capacity of 28.7MW, 190km transmission line and distribution system; and (iii) diagnostic assessment and development of an institutional strengthening and capacity development plan for MEW and other relevant agencies.

Engconsult was responsible for the following:

  • Undertake a sector review assessment to address issues such as the power shortage in rural and off-grid areas, demand assessment for power in subproject areas, marginal cost pricing, tariff and cost recovery, willingness to pay, affordability, subsidization of consumption, regulation, conflict in uses.
  • Prepare a policy brief or matrix to address these issues in off-grid and rural areas, including an assessment of the institutional capabilities for implementing the required policy changes.
  • Review all possible project proposals and carry out prefeasibility studies; and prepare other relevant documents to define the scope of proposed subproject including generation, transmission, and distribution as required for financing under an ensuing loan.
  • Undertake technical and engineering assessments including geology, geotechnical, civil works, hydrology, and electrical engineering.
  • Carry out an initial environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment to ensure that the environmental assessment complies with ADB’s guidelines; suggest environmental mitigation measures if necessary; and prepare environmental assessment summaries.
  • Assess CDM potentials and carbon credits/benefits due to the implementation of the subprojects.
  • Prepare plan for health, safety, and hygiene including HIV/AIDs and STIs;
  • Undertake financial and economic analyses and the ensuing overall loan project according to ADB polices and guidelines, and other requirements.
  • Prepare a social and poverty reduction impact assessment, resettlement plans, and indigenous people’s plans, in accordance with ADB’s guidelines and prepare draft final report, final report, and all other required reports incorporating comments from the Government, ADB, and other stakeholders as necessary.
  • Estimate  the GHG emission benefits, recommendation on institutional framework and capacity building in CDM.
  • Assess institutional strength and develop capacities for MEW and other relevant agencies.