TA – Preparing Road Rehabilitation and Capacity Building Cluster Project, Afghanistan

Engconsult Ltd., Canada signed a technical assistance (TA) contracts with Asian Development Bank on April 18, 2007 for Preparing the Road Rehabilitation and Capacity Building Cluster Project in Afghanistan in the amount of US$1 million. The objective of the TA is to prepare a road rehabilitation of about 625km road including a tunnel of 2.7km. The specific project details are:

  • Kabul-Jalalabad Road: Capacity analysis and detailed design of 65 km of gravel road Bagrami-Surobi to national road standard; 71 km Surobi – Jalalabad road widening from two lanes to four (where possible), replace and repair of 19 bridges and 85 culverts; and realign 0.2 km road section.
  • Salang Pass: Capacity analysis and preliminary design of Salang Pass subproject, a 170 km road from Jabul Suraj to Phuli Khumri constitute a 2.7km tunnel, 40 bridges, and 77 culverts.
  • Ishkashim to China Border: Preliminary engineering design of 310km road in highly mountainous area with elevation ranges from 2,514 to 4,875m above mean sea level. This subproject has about 38 bridges and 136 culverts.

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