Preparation of Certificate of Approval of NCH Canada Chemical Mixing Plant, Canada

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

NCH Canada has a chemical mixing plant located in Brampton Ontario. NCH is seeking assistance in preparing documentation in support of an application for a Comprehensive Certificate of Approval (Air) (CofA) for the chemical mixing plant located in Brampton, Ontario. In Ontario, Section 9 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) requires that all sources of emissions to the atmosphere, or modifications to sources, must obtain a CofA before they are installed or modified.  The procedure for obtaining approval for the discharge of contaminants or modifications to the discharge of contaminants to air is to obtain a CofA for the equipment, by making an application to the MOE in accordance with Section 9 of the EPA. Regardless of compliance with Section 9, every facility is also required to meet the air quality standards of Ontario Regulation 346.

Engconsult was responsible for the following:

  • Preparation of an Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling (ESDM) report.
  • Estimation of the emission rates for each of the contaminants of concern from those sources;
  • Performance of dispersion modeling in accordance with Ontario Regulation 346 to predict the maximum concentration resulting from the aggregate emission of each contaminant at a POI  (referred to as maximum POI concentration) and annual emission of each contaminant;
  • Comparison of the predicted maximum POI concentrations to the relevant half-hour POI criteria specified by the MOE; and
  • Documentation of the above steps in accordance with the requirements of the MOE Procedure.