Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Arsenic Mitigation Technology Application, Bangladesh

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The application and subsequent failure of some technologies had severe social and environmental consequences. Failure of technologies had led many communities to lose faith, and has severely damaged the hard-earned credibility and goodwill of implementing agencies. In addition, the failure of technologies had resulted in unwillingness by many development partners to commit funds to arsenic mitigation, specifically the implementation of remedial technology options without appropriate control procedures. Number of Japanese companies were involved in arsenic treatment technology development in the context of rural Bangladesh. A wide range of technology was reviewed from activated alumina, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and nano-filtration.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Company:

Engconsult was responsible for environmental and social impact of each technology considering socio-economic structure of rural Bangladesh. Prepare detail recommendation on the longer-term technical performance of each technology under a variety of political and geographical conditions, their economic viability and social consequences in rural Bangladesh condition, and their environmental impacts. Reviewed environmental impacts of arsenic-contaminated sludge. Detailed scope of work was:

  • Evaluate environmental impacts of technologies, including impacts on ecosystems and their constituent parts, people and communities, all natural and physical resources, and intrinsic and amenity values;
  • Identify social, religious, and cultural conditions of the community and the key issues to be addressed during project implementation;
  • Recommend appropriate mitigation measures to design into project and cost in the project budget;
  • Prepare a management and monitoring plan for environmental and social measures and related institutional arrangements; and
  • Community consultation to involve affected people in the project decision and design.