ADB Loan 2553-PAK: MFF0031 Energy Efficiency Investment Program Tranche 1 (Program Support Project) – Feasibility Study for Tranche 2

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Prepare the feasibility study and necessary MFF loan processing documents. The sequence of key activities to be carried out under this project are: (i) finalize subprojects based on the review of AFD diagnostic study and GENCOs investment plans; (ii) due diligence on the selected plants from technical, financial, economic, environmental and social point of view and prepare a feasibility study for the Project; (iii) Prepare Periodic Financing Request (PFR), with all supporting documents, to be submitted by the GoP to ADB to request funding for the Project under the second tranche of the MFF; (iv) institutional assessment in terms of organizational, technical and financial issues and prepare a capacity development program; (v) preparation of procurement documents and assist the EA in procurement process; and (v) prepare draft TORs and Request for Proposal for hiring a Project Management Consultant.

Engconsult’s Responsibilities:   

  • Select subprojects for detailed feasibility study based on the priority specified by the report and the amount of financing available for the Project, in consultation with the GENCOs and ADB.
  • Prepare Inception Report for detailed feasibility study including reference to the subprojects selected and the justification for their selection.
  • Conduct feasibility study of the selected subprojects
  • Prepare Feasibility Study Reports for the Plants, including environmental and social safeguards assessments.
  • Prepare the PFR based on the feasibility study along with all the required supporting documents.
  • Prepare TORs and Request for Proposal for the Project Management Consultant.