19-21 December, 2002, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Announcement and Call for Papers


Environmental degradation poses a serious challenge for Bangladesh. Overcoming this challenge requires unity of environmental experts and activists and a strong civic movementwith participation of citizens from all walks of life. International Conference on Bangladesh Environment-2000 (ICBEN-2000) was conceived with this spirit and organized during January 14-15, 2000. The "DHAKA DECLARATION"and the conference volume "BANGLADESH ENVIRONMENT-2000" were published following the conference. There has been considerable success in uniting pro-environment forces of Bangladesh since ICBEN-2000. It has led to the formation of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), the common platform of pro-environmental forces of Bangladesh.

Several environmental campaigns, including 'Buriganga Bachao Andolon,' 'Campaign against Air Pollution,' 'Sundarban Bachao Conference,' Environmental Health Conference etc. have been organized under the auspices of BAPA. Some of these have had notable success. BAPA has achieved considerable organizational development too. The goal is now to consolidate this success and raise the environment movement and environment protection efforts in Bangladesh to a new level.


In pursuance of the resolution of the International Conference on Bangladesh Environment-2000 and the "DHAKA DECLARATION" , Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) [Bangladesh Environment Movement] is pleased to announce that ICBEN-2002 will be held during December 19-21 of 2002 in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.


The main objectives of the conference are:

To achieve the above objectives, ICBEN-2002 will have a dual format, similar to the one adopted for ICBEN-2000. Thus, ICBEN-2002 will have two types of sessions, namely:
BAPA on an urgent basis formed a Technical Committee with the responsibility for selecting the possible subjects to be dealt with in the expert sessions and inviting papers from contributors. BAPA will also form other necessary committees to help organize the conference. BAPA National Committee and BAPA Executive Committee will have the overall organizational responsibility of the conference.

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) has assumed the responsibility of organizing the input to ICBEN-2002 of non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) and members of the international community. To this end, BEN will form its own committees as necessary.


As ICBEN-2000, the participants in the conference will represent a confluence of all forces concerned with the protection of environment. Academicians, researchers, experts, activists, policy makers, public officials and political leaders from both government and opposition will converge in the conference. Attempts will be made to obtain support and participation of international community.

The NRBs are expected as usual to play a leading role in the conference. BAPA is of the view that a broad based social involvement backed by adequate expert input and international support can tackle the growing environmental problems of Bangladesh. BAPA therefore appeals to all environment conscious citizens of Bangladesh to come forward to make ICBEN-2002 a success.


Registration is not a prerequisite to attend the conference. The participants willing to join in lunches and have their names published in the post-conference documents are required to have their names registered. The registration fee will be Tk.200. (approx. US$5)- per participant.


The conference will be held at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka.


Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA)is pleased to invite papers for presentation at the International Conference on Bangladesh Environment, 2002 (ICBEN-2002) to be held December 19-21, 2002 in Dhaka. The Expert Sessions of ICBEN-2002 will focus on all major environmental problems of Bangladesh. The environmental topics to be covered in the conference are broadly classified as follows:

Depending on interest, number and quality of papers, this list can be later extended and/or modified. Based on peer reviewers' input, the Expert Sessions Committee of ICBEN-2002 will make all decisions regarding selection of papers to be presented at ICBEN-2002 and inclusion in the ICBEN-2002 conference volume(s) entitled "BANGLADESH ENVIRONMENT- 2002".

For the general sessions, the topics and presenters will be selected by BAPA in due time. In order to organize the Expert Sessions, BAPA has formed a Committee with Prof. M. Feroze Ahmed of BUET and Prof. Saleh A. Tanveer of Ohio State University as Co-conveners.

Important deadlines for paper submission:


Papers within Bangladesh should be submitted to:
Professor M. Feroze Ahmed
Department of Civil Engineering, BUET,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Telephones : (880 2) 9663693 ; Fax: (880 2) 9663695
E-mail :

Papers outside Bangladesh should be submitted to:

Professor Saleh A. Tanveer
Department of Mathematics
Ohio Stae University, USA
Telephone : 614-292-5710 Fax : 614-292-1479
E-Mail :


Dr. Masud Karim
EngConsult Limited
Manager, International Air Quality
21 Queen Street East, Suite 201, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6W 3P1.
Tel: 905 455 7892, Fax: 905 455 2351

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