Review of Arsenic Removal Technology

   New Technology Section

Pond Sand Filter , Asia Arsenic Network and NIPSOM

Three-pitcher method , A. H. Khan and A. Hussam et. al.
Development of Low-cost Technologies for Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater , M. Ashraf Ali, A.B.M. Badruzzaman, M.A. Jalil, M. Delwar     Hossain, M. M. Hussainuzzaman, M. Badruzzaman, O.I. Mohammad, N. Akter
A Comparative Evaluation and Field Implementation of Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Groundwater , Dr. Zafar Adeel and Dr. M. Ashraf Ali

Arsenic Removal technologies, overview of some arsenic removal methods, their advantages and disadvantages.
An Overview of Arsenic Removal Technologies in Bangladesh and India , M. Feroze Ahmed

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