Engconsult is built upon a core staff of scientists and planners supported by associates available for specific project assignments within their specialty areas. Engconsult’s key personnel are highly qualified professionals with post-graduate degrees and over 21 years of experience with major consulting firms and research organizations. As a result of this experience, the professionals at Engconsult are highly qualified and concentrated to planning projects that are practical in concept, technically sound, economically viable, and that will be implemented. The firm has a comparative advantage in providing consulting services requiring multidisciplinary expertise and sophisticated analytical capabilities. It has accumulated a wealth of experience in the major sectors of the economy with in-depth knowledge of the most of the part of the world.

Typical projects are:

  • Detailed Feasibility study including Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) & Disaster Impact Assessment (DIA) Study of Proposed 2 x 600 MW (or above) in first phase and 2 x 600 MW (or above) in second phase Ultra-Supercritical (USC) Coal Fired Power Plant at Pekua, Cox’s Bazar.
  • ESIA for Coal Transportation, Dredging Operation, Morphological Aspect, Jetty and Breakwater Construction for 2X660 MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant Project.
  • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for Power System Reliability and Efficiency Improvement Project.
  • EHS under Management Support Consultancy for Padma Multi-purpose Bridge Project.
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Dasu Hydropower Implementation Project.
  • Independent Environmental Impact Assessment of Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Coal Transportation of 1,320MW  Maitree Coal Fired Power Stations.
  • Preparation of Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling Report, Ontario, Canada.

Projects in Pipeline:

  • Support to Roads & Highways Department for Safeguard Policy Compliance.
  • Social Infrastructure for IDPs and Vulnerable Population
  • Urban Air Quality Management.
  • Dispersion Modeling (AEMOD, CALPUFF, CALINE 4)
  • Energy Efficiency in Demand Side Management
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Study on Centralization of Bus Traffic Management and Demonstration Project to Ease Traffic Congestion.
  • Strengthen the Current Environmental Clearnce Program Administered by various government of the developing countries.
  • Operational Guidelines for Coal Fired Power Generation in Developing Countries.
  • Public Consultation for Environmental Assessment.