Description of Project:

The objective of the TA is to (i) prepare a series of high-priority road rehabilitation projects of 500-1,000 kilometers prioritized in the road master plan and select in consultation with Government, ADB and other donor agencies; (ii) validate the road alignments, design standards, and rehabilitation options under established engineering, economic, social and environmental perspectives; (iii) undertake feasibility study and preliminary engineering design for the selected road links, (iv) detailed rehabilitation and maintenance assessment of 2.7km tunnel; and (v) Undertake detailed engineering design for about 65km road including six bridges in mountainous terrain.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

  • Traffic survey and traffic demand forecast;
  • Perform material and geotechnical investigation;
  • Undertake condition surveys of roads, bridges and other structures;
  • Prepare a preferred alignment of the project roads and alternative design specifications;
  • Prepare cost estimates and the technical feasibility study for the roads comprising the Project, including an examination of the appropriate use of labor-intensive techniques for construction and maintenance;
  • Prepare an environmental assessment including environmental management plan;
  • Prepare an economic and poverty analyses of selected subprojects;
  • Perform social impact analysis including any involuntary resettlement effects attributable to the Project;
  • Prepare plan for health, safety, and hygiene including HIV/AIDs and STIs;
  • Prepare preliminary engineering design of the project roads;
  • Undertake detailed engineering survey using total station for about 65km of the road,
  • Prepare detailed engineering design of 65km mountainous road, and
  • Prepare an implementation and road maintenance arrangements.