Description of Project:

The objectives of the project are: (i) to support integration of Cambodia into the regional railway network in the western GMS by providing railway access to Thailand; (ii) to increase the efficiency of transport services within Cambodia and to its neighbors by providing efficient alternative routes and modes of transport for Cambodia’s import and export trade; (iii) to reduce the cost of road maintenance and traffic risks by transferring heavy and dangerous cargo to a safe and reliable railway system; and (iv) to pave the way for further subregional integration in the future by facilitating achievement of the Singapore-Kunming railway link.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

  • Review Possible Environmental Impacts, prepare Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), a Summary IEE, and Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
  • Prepare plan for health, safety, and hygiene including HIV/AIDs and STIs;
  • Prepare a resettlement plan based on preliminary engineering design and a full census and inventory of lost assets of affected people inclusive of the non-titled.
  • Prepare a public consultation and disclosure plan to ensure that all affected people are consulted by the executing agency on their views about the project and resettlement effects, and assist the executing agency in timely disclosure of the resettlement plan.
  • Assess the capacity of the responsible institutions at central and provincial levels to plan, manage, implement, finance and monitor the resettlement plan and identify any capacity building measures that need to be included in the project.
  • Prepare sample based socio-economic profiles of the affected people identified in the inventory of affected people highlighting minority and gender disaggregated data and impacts. Identify any needs for minority specific action in connection with resettlement and for actions to minimize the risks of spreading sexually transmitted deceases during construction, and design mitigation measures to be included in the resettlement plan or as contractual conditions in the railway works contracts.
  • Prepare terms of reference for a resettlement specialist to be engaged as part of the supervision team to monitor implementation of the resettlement program, the public consultation and disclosure plan, and minority or gender specific mitigation.
  • Carry out resettlement training workshops for the affected people and other stakeholders in the project affected area.