Description of Project:

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project (PMBP) involves construction of about 6.15 km main bridge at Mawa- Janjira Corridor with River Training Works (RTWs) 6km at Mawa Site and 12km at Janjira Site, Approach Roads of lengths 0.273km at Mawa Site and 12 km at Janjira Site, Bridge End Facilities (BEF) at both sides, 5 resettlement sites, railway line with stations and docking facilities, high voltage power and high pressure gas transmission lines, optical fiber cable, and necessary relevant activities.

Description of Services Provided by Engconsult for this Project are:

  • Review previous studies, all the proposed activities and ¬†identify activities that will generate environmental impacts.
  • Prepare a scoping document with detailed information on the boundaries of the study, the environmental aspects to be included in it, and its approach and methodology, including sampling methods.
  • Submit the draft TOR/scoping document for the EIA to the Department of Environment (DoE) for approval.
  • Impact of climate change in the bridge design and impact of the bridge on the climate change.
  • Wildlife, ecological, hydrological, and Charland study.
  • Prepare the EIA report and its summary, addressing all potential direct and indirect environmental impacts of the Project.
  • Conduct two public consultations and stakeholder consultations to gather environmental concerns from affected people, and share the result of the assessment and the proposed mitigation measures.
  • Prepare environmental management plan addressing who will be responsible for implementing each mitigation measures, who will monitor the implementation of the mitigation measures, and the cost for implementing the plan.
  • Submit the EIA report to DoE, and make a presentation as required by DoE to obtain a non-objection certificate.
  • Finalize the report to accommodate inputs from DoE as well as from ADB and other donors.