Description of Project:

The objective of the Project is to undertake a feasibility study and prepare a preliminary design for the proposed Ajara Bypass Roads (57km). The project will comprise two bypass roads in the Ajara Autonomous Republic: (i) the Batumi bypass road, and (ii) the Choloki–Makhinjauri road (or the Kobuleti bypass road) to increase transit traffic, reduce transport costs and travel time, and improve road safety.  The key components of the project are: (1) 48km road, (2) 20 bridges (two of them are 400m long each), (3) 5 interchanges and overpasses, and (4) 3,820m tunnel.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

  • Traffic survey and traffic demand forecast;
  • Undertake condition surveys of roads, bridges and other structures;
  • Perform material and geotechnical investigation;
  • Prepare cost estimates and the technical feasibility study for the roads comprising the Project, including an examination of the appropriate use of labor-intensive techniques for construction and maintenance;
  • Prepare an environmental assessment including environmental management and monitoring plan;
  • Prepare an economic and sensitivity analyses of the project;
  • Assess the economic benefits and economic viability of the bypass road;
  • Prepare preliminary technical specifications for each work item;
  • Perform social impact analysis including any involuntary resettlement effects attributable to the Project;
  • Prepare plan for health, safety, and hygiene including HIV/AIDs and STIs;
  • Review the need to collect tolls or transit fees on project roads and, propose appropriate toll rates or transit fees taking into account the costs of road maintenance and services;
  • Undertake an institutional and financial analysis of the Executing Agency;
  • Prepare preliminary engineering design of the project roads; and
  • Prepare an implementation and road maintenance arrangements.