Description of Project:

The purpose of this PPTA is to determine the economic, technical, social, and environmental feasibility of rehabilitating, upgrading and new construction of road links in the northern Kalimantan and southern Java Corridors and assess road sector issues. The scope of the PPTA will cover all national highways and strategic roads  (i) within the areas of interest  near the Malaysia border in West and East Kalimantan Provinces and; (ii) including and south of the Southern Trans Java Highway (STJH) in West Java, Central Java, East Java and Yogyakarta Provinces.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

Screening of environmental impacts of about 4,500 km road links in the northern Kalimantan and southern-southern Java Corridors and determine priority list of road links in each province.  Determining the environmental category of each project. Prepare an initial environmental examination, summary initial environmental examination, and environmental assessment for 800 km of the selected roads. Undertaking a detailed consultation and participation plan to involve all stakeholders along the project roads appropriate to the road category. Estimate and provide a breakdown of costs for implementation of environmental mitigation measures, project monitoring, and capacity development, including preparation of an environmental monitoring plan. Assess the capacity of responsible central and provincial institutional to conduct environmental impact assessments and environmental management. Assess training needs, and recommend improvements to institutional arrangements.