Description of Project:

The objective of this project is to (i) undertake topographic survey using total station for a 150km road from Bagrami-Surkhrod via Hisarak and Gandamak; (ii) validate the road alignments, design standards, and rehabilitation options under established engineering, economic, social and environmental perspectives; (iii) Geotechnical and material investigation of the corridor, (iv) Undertake detailed engineering design for about 150km road in mountainous terrain, including bridges, culverts, and other drainage structures, (v) Undertake social and resettlement study, (vi) perform environmental assessment, (vii) Prepare drawings good for construction and investment package, and (viii) Prepare procurement of services and bidding documents.

Description of Services Provided by the Engconsult for this Project are:

  • Perform material and geotechnical investigation including mitigation measures for landslide, rockfall, snowfall and side slope;
  • Prepare a preferred alignment of the project roads and alternative design specifications;
  • Prepare an environmental assessment including environmental management plan;
  • Prepare an economic and poverty analyses of selected subprojects;
  • Perform social impact analysis including involuntary resettlement effects attributable to the Project;
  • Undertake detailed engineering survey using total station for about 150km of the road,
  • Prepare detailed engineering design of 150km mountainous road including 5km retaining structures, and
  • Prepare detailed engineering design of bridges, culverts and other drainage structures.
  • Prepare contract and bidding documents.