Engconsult has been involved in institutional strengthening, capacity building and training of many  organizations. We work together with the staff to assess the needs and engage in extensive consultation to develop a strategy which include taking a holistic approach to address the identified needs.

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The following is a sample of the capacity building and training program we were involved:

  • Capacity needs assessments of PMU, Contractors, and Consultants in Dasu Hydropower Construction Project, March 2019
  • Engineers’ oversight on environment, health, and safety of Padma Bridge Construction Project, January 2019
  • OHS for Underground Construction in Dasu Hydropower Construction Project, December 2018
  • Working in Confined Space, Rescue and Recovery, Dasu Hydropower Project, November 2018
  • OHS Awareness Training for technicians, operators, and field supervisors, November 2018
  • Legal Framework and the Role of Worksite Parties in Padma Bridge Project, October 2018
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control in Padma Bridge Project, October 2018
  • Occupational health and safety implementation by the supervision consultants, August 2018
  • Working in Confined Space and Emergency Rescue and Recovery in Padma Bridge Project, November 2017
Training Materials for Trainer