Engconsult’s transport infrastructure group has the high profile expertise in planning, design construction supervision and management of roads/highways/railways extending the sense of site landscape considering the topography, social and regional characteristics. Engconsult strongly considers the harmony of peoples’ needs and blessings of nature right from the beginning of a roads/highway/railways project.

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Specific to transport engineering, we cover the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering design
  • Geotechnical and materials investigations
  • Hydrological Analysis
  • Structures including bridges, viaducts, culverts and retaining structures
  • Condition survey, analysis, screening, prioritization, and rehabilitation options and design


Highway Structural Engineering

Engconsult provides the consulting services to its clients in a very systematic way to design a cost-effective, smart and durable structure. The integrative services to the clients are:

  • Analyze the effect of surroundings on the appearance of bridge/viaduct from the CG, models and illustrations.
  • Analyze preliminary design of the structure to determine the approximate dimension of the structural components.
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering design of highway structures.
  • Modeling and dynamic analysis of the structure for the understanding of capacity of the structure to sustain seismic excitation.
  • Investigate the seismic resistance capacity introducing technologies such as seismic isolation and active control.
  • Assess the condition of existing structures, recommend the appropriate rehabilitation option and design.

With the profound expertise in finite element analysis modeling, analysis and interpretation of results it renders services to:

  • finite element modeling and analysis of critical regions such as anchorage of fully external pre-stressing cable, girder-pier connections, excessive overhang of the cross girder, etc.
  • interpret the results form the engineering experience and judgment, design the section and check the conformity with the current design code.

Transport Planning

Engconsult’s transportation planning activities focus on the viability of each individual project and its long-term sustainability from the management, operations, and maintenance perspective. Engconsult provides its transportation planning services at various levels: Project Planning and Preparation, Master Planning, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual and Preliminary Design, Final Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents, Project Management and Supervision, Project Commissioning, and Institutional Strengthening. EngConsult’s engineers are skilled in applying the latest technological advances to ensure that projects are designed and implemented to the highest professional standards. Transportation planning group is involved in state-of-art techniques for socio-economic surveys, ridership and traffic studies, mobility and transportation plans, technical and economic feasibility studies, environmental planning of transport, fare studies, traffic safety and risk studies, planning non-motorized transport and overall ecologically sustainable urban transportation planning. Our experiences are varied from developing to developed cities and cities of economies in transition nations.

Engconsult provides transportation planning services in the following areas:

  • Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Traffic demand modeling
  • Feasibility study of mass transit system (bus, light rail transit, water taxis etc.